sábado, 19 de enero de 2013

Edgar Allan Poe Tribute

Today it's the anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe's birth, one of my favourite writers, with a tormented life, like it's common on genious and masters, who find fame too late. We are lucky to have his stories, and Literature, an author who created a unique style for his time. This sketch it's my little tribute for him, not enough yet, I know...


Hoy es el aniversario del nacimiento de Edgar Allan Poe, uno de mis escritores favoritos, como parece ser norma, un genio con una vida tortuosa, que no encontró verdadera fama hasta después de su muerte. A nosotros, por suerte, nos quedaron sus historias, inquietantes, perdurables más allá del tiempo, y completamente recomendables. Hoy, un pequeño boceto para él como tributo personal.

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  1. a lovely tribute, he's one of my fave writers too... i'm looking forward to watching The Raven movie, i still havent had the time to watch it, don't know if it's any good.

  2. Hi! Thanks for commenting, I'm glad to know that you are another Poe's fan! :D I saw the film you say, and I really enjoyed it, I hope you did it too! :) Kisses